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Bang a gong

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As Marc Bolan always used to say: Get it on. Bang a gong. Wake up next to gong. Discover shattered penis. Panic. Your howls of anguish wake the gong. Gong drives you to hospital, apologising. Undergo extensive reconstructive surgery. Gong is by your side as you come around, blinking in the light, in your hospital bed. Realise you love gong. Propose to gong. Gong accepts. Have long, intense discussion with gong about your sexual future. Come to an understanding that you can be intimate without the need for penetration. Marry gong. Adopt two children – one human, one gong. Raise children. Pursue separate careers. Slowly drift apart. Come home early one day to see gong in attempt to inject spark and spontaneity back into your relationship. Discover blood-spattered gong in bed with Brian Ferry and several members of Mott the Hoople. Storm out of house. Visit bar. Drink. Meet xylophone. Get it on.


Written by hahildebrand

October 26, 2010 at 3:39 pm

Posted in Things

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