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Movie review thing and Perth dates

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Hello, pals (etc).

A couple of bits and pieces of news-style things.

I’ve written a review of a fake movie as part of a competition run by groovy film website bestforfilm.com – it’s a Christmas-themed thingerama. Read the review here: http://bestforfilm.com/community/vote-for-in-the-grotto/ and if you like it you can do a Facebook ‘like’ on it which might help me win a small amount of money and a professionally designed film poster. But most importantly, kudos.

Also, I’m going to be in large-scale beach city Perth, Western Australia, in January, and while I’m there I’m doing a few cheeky gigs at some ace local comedy clubs.

The first is a short spot at the tremendous Shapiro Tuesdays at the Brisbane Hotel – there’s some information here and also here. That’s at 8pm and costs a paltry $5. I’m there on January 11.

I’m also popping into the Laugh Resort at the Brass Monkey on consecutive Wednesdays – January 12 and 19. Shows at 8.30pm, details here: http://www.laughresort.com.au/

See you there, possibly.


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December 21, 2010 at 9:06 am

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