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AEOSK XI competition winner bespoke drawing fun

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At An Event Of Some Kind XI, we ran a competition for the audience to come up with a brief description of an image they would like to see. This could be anything (though I subtly planted some subliminal suggestions). The winner would get their suggestion drawn by the uber-talented and lovely Hannah Neale. Have a look at her site here.

These were some of the entries.

  • An animal which is half horse and half fish. The half which is horse is the top half. (from @tkingdoll)
  • Humanity embodied within two evergreen plants listening to Katy Perry while working in the kitchen of Nando’s Putney. (from @thebiglumbowski)
  • A majestic ice scultpure of an angel that’s also a horse (from @kateweb)
  • Kitten
  • Bastard the Wonder Horse (from @mykreeve)
  • Space llama
  • The Queen’s guard equine motorcycle display team
  • A multi-car pile-up: wreckage and body parts strewn along the road, and there at the head of all the carnage – a hedgehog the size of an elephant with a smug look on his huge fluffy face. (from @andypic)
  • Supercock (from @thebiglumbowski)
  • The late bird catches one train and gets to work before the early bird. (@elainepixie)
  • Common red-crowned cockerphant
  • A Dali-esque depiction of H Anthony et al thise evening on stage as ‘Bouncing Comedians Reflecting an Apparition of Some Brocolli’. (by @shell_here, who wasn’t even at the show)
  • A baboon sitting or like perching really i suppose on the head of another baboon and that one’s butt is showing and it’s on another baboon and that one’s butt is showing and again and again and oh man it’s just butts all the way (from @hexachordal, aka AEOSK XI performer Tom Milsom)

But there could only be one winner, and for some reason, on the night, I decided that it would be:

  • Rats. Huge rats. With big fuckin’ cocks.

So here is that image, as translated by Hannah Neale.

Additional cocks implied.

And if you’ve got any sense in the world, you’ll hire Hannah to make funny and excellent illustrations for you. Do it. Go on. click on the picture to go to her site.

Thanks to everyone who came along to AEOSK XI, and particularly to those who took part in the silly competition. I apologise if I haven’t included your entry here.

An Event Of Some Kind is taking a short summer break – hopefully we’ll be back in the Autumn, and hopefully with some exciting news. Check back here, or follow me on Twitter (@hahildebrand), for the latest news/jokes/idiocy.


Written by hahildebrand

July 1, 2011 at 11:43 am

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