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Self-indulgence: Junior Ministers – You’re So Fascinating

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Junior Ministers live

You may or may not know or care that I was (and still technically am) 50% of music project Junior Ministers. The other (musically talented) half, Jim, is now living in Brazil, where he has a new project, called Babaca Manchild. Here’s a couple of tracks.

Over a period of some months, we recorded an album, largely at Jim’s flat, called Adventure Playground, in the mid-fi style. It was rough and ready, and my vocal contributions and recording technique were dubious, to say the least. Jim, who produced everything on the album, did his best with what I gave him.

I was responsible for the rudimentary beats, squelchy electronic squiggles, spoken word vocals, and a small amount of terrible backing singing. Basically the bits that require no musical skill or ear. Jim did all the decent singing, guitar, and a chunk of other bits and pieces, as well as production. We were assisted by Jon Parish, who played bass on several songs, and Max Ransome, who added a bit of guitar.

It’s not perfect, by any stretch, but there’s some good stuff on there. I thought I might post a few songs over the next few days. Someone might be interested – who knows?

Oh, and you can still buy the album, from a variety of places, like iTunes. Other online options are available on the Junior Ministers site. Or if you see me somewhere, I’ve got a box of CDs in my flat.

This song, You’re So Fascinating, was the last track on the album. (We decided that in this age of iPods and shuffles and whatnot that the tracklisting would be alphabetical.)

It’s quite poppy, for us, and somewhat sarcastic in tone. I hope you enjoy/tolerate it.


Written by hahildebrand

November 16, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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