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An actual newsy-type blog thing and AEOSK update

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Hello, anyone who might be interested. I hope you’re doing fine.

This is a bit of an update on stuff that I’m up to/not up to, as the case may be. If that sounds boring, I’ll probably include a summary paragraph at the end, so feel free to skip to that if you so desire.

So: last August, after 11 years of residing in the hustle and bustle of south London, myself and my lady love Hannah upped sticks and moved to Leamington Spa, the jewel of the Midlands. The reasons were numerous – I am now working freelance, so no longer have any need to commute to a soulless office building each day; as a result, I no longer felt the exorbitant rent we were paying on our flat was even vaguely worth it; rents are cheaper out of London, it transpires!; we wanted to be closer to Hannah’s family; and I wanted to live somewhere that would help me to focus on writing.

And it turns out Leamington is great and has delivered on all those opportunities. As soon as we arrived here I saw mention of a competition to become the Warwick Words literary festival’s writer in residence. I entered the competition, and won it. Nice. A news item and the very short story that won the thing for me are here: http://warwickwords.co.uk/index.php/writer-in-residence

That meant I could do a couple of workshops during the festival in October, and was a nice little fillip to the whole ‘move out of London and get writing’ thing.

I had a silly short story published here: http://www.urbanvirtual.co.uk/#/balham/4570382470

I ventured back into London for the October edition of An Event of Some Kind, which boasted co-headliners Wil Hodgson and Andrew O’Neill, who are both ace. Time Out thought so too, and gave us Critics’ Choice status. Sadly audiences were not so enthusiastic (though the ones who turned up were excellent) and I lost a fair whack of money on the exercise (as I like to pay the headliner their promised fee no matter the turn out, and it now costs a fair bit more for me to travel into Camden to run the thing).

This was made up for by the sell out for December’s AEOSK with Tony Law and Simon Munnery, thankfully.

In the meantime my sister came to visit from Australia. And then I proposed to Hannah, who said yes, so now we are engaged.

In January and February I’ve been organising this: http://bridgehousetheatre.co.uk/diary/an-evening-with-tim-minchin, which happens next Wednesday, and should be good. And fun.

After that I’ve been given the opportunity to undertake a writing project which will take up the bulk of the next few months, alongside my regular freelance work (and somewhere in there I’ve promised to squeeze in a workshop on writing satire for the Warwick Words Writers Group, something I’ve never done before, which I hope won’t be terrible). The project is a ghost writing kinda thing, so I can’t say much about it, other than it’s a good opportunity to do a large-scale piece of writing. And it pays.

The upshot of all of this (and hi! to anyone who has skipped to the end) is that An Event of Some Kind has been put on hold until at least the middle of the year. And the likelihood is that when it returns, it’ll happen slightly less often, and perhaps in a slightly different format. We’ll see.

Apologies for verbosity/tedium. But now you know.


Written by hahildebrand

February 14, 2013 at 2:49 pm

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    Congratulations to you and Hannah on your engagement! And great to hear of your new writing job. Not surprised that AEOSK is on ice for a while. Will miss it, but happy that it’s for positive reasons.

    And thanks again for the convo evening last night. A unique opportunity and thoroughly good fun. Definitely deserves a beer or two some time… 🙂


    February 21, 2013 at 3:21 pm

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