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I’m ok thanks, you?

Yesterday I received in the post this book:

National Flash-Fiction Day 2013 anthology 'Scraps'

It is, as you can see, an anthology of short stories written for National Flash-Fiction Day 2013, which just happened to be last Saturday. I’m very happy to say that I had a story accepted for inclusion in this fine collection – mine’s called ‘The Paper Oak’, and I think it’s pretty good. The majority of the stories were inspired by other works of art – music, film, painting etc – though that’s not massively important. There’s also 10 winning microfictions (100 words or less) from a competition NFFD organisers ran earlier in the year, including a lyrical piece by Alan Beard, whose short story workshop I attended last year.

As well as my effort there’s some really excellent stuff in here. Some of my favourites include Chris Connolly’s ‘Q+A’, which is an interesting spin on the format David Foster Wallace used in ‘Brief Interviews With Hideous Men’; a perfectly formed piece by Bart Van Goethem; R.A. Martens’ oddball fantasy about a man who keeps a city for a pet; a superb medical dictionary-esque item by Ian Shine; ‘#’ by Stephen McGeagh, looking at Twitter and Katy Perry and modern existence; Dan Powell’s ‘Her 12 Faces’, a great device to tell the story of a relationship in reverse; and Amy Mackelden’s sad, opaque ‘You’re About To Find Out Who I Am’.

My preference tends to be for the more experimental, but there’s plenty of variety in here – very short stories by 65 different writers. It’s well worth picking up a copy, if you like that sort of thing – it’s available in paperback and Kindle. Info is here: http://nationalflashfictionday.co.uk/anthology.html

The NFFD organisers were also kind enough to publish a couple of my stories in their online FlashFlood journal. You can read ‘Family’ here, and ‘David’ here.

In other writerly-type news, I’ve just confirmed with author, comedian, and all-round nice guy Mark Watson that he’ll be coming to talk and read from his latest novel ‘The Knot‘ at October’s Warwick Words Festival. He’ll be at the Bridge House Theatre on Sunday October 6. More details on that soon.

And as part of a crossover with that festival and the Leamington Comedy Festival, I’ve organised with the brilliant Bec Hill to bring her ace Pun Run gig to Leamington’s Spa Centre on October 15. More info anon.

Also in Leamington, I’ve been working with the excellent Dean Love, who runs the local Reckless Comedy nights, to bring the one and only Tony Law to town to preview his Edinburgh show. That happens on July 23 – along with a preview of Will Mars’ show – and you can get £3 tickets here. Cheap.

The Huffington Post have run my Top 5 Sex Tips For Men article, which is very informative.

And – extremely excitingly – the people behind the animation for Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’, DC Turner and Tracy King, are working on animating a very very short, ridiculous script I wrote. Groovy.

Update: complete.


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