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You are invited to this comedy event, called the Pun Run (see logo)

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Pun Run



So this is an excellent thing. As a kind of crossover between Warwick Words literary festival and the Leamington Comedy Festival, I’ve been working with DIY comedy wunderkind Bec Hill (one of Time Out’s ‘Top 5 Funniest Comedians on Twitter’) to bring her unique and ridiculous night, The Pun Run, to Leamington Spa. AND IT’S HAPPENING NEXT TUESDAY!! October 15.

The Pun Run is a celebration of the humble and often unfairly derided art of puns and wordplay. Operating on the maxim that ‘a groan is as good as a laugh’ the Pun Run is hugely popular – and lways sold out – in its London base and its Edinburgh Fringe incarnations, and recently debuted in Belfast, where a reviewer described the experience thus: “The audience is left satiated and happy but exhausted, everybody flattened by the pun truck.”

I’ve done a few spots at the Pun Run before and found it stupidly enjoyable, both as performer and audience member. Apart from Bec and myself, there’s an excellent line up of punmeisters and gagsters on the bill for next week, including:

Tony Cowards (“The Punosaurus” – List Magazine)

Darren Walsh (“Deliciously weird wordplay…” – ThreeWeeks.)

Masai Graham (2012 Birmingham New Act of the Year)

Tom Appleton (Best Pun, 2011 Pun Run Competition)

Ben Van Der Velde (“a stunningly quick wit.” – Spoonfed)

Roger Swift (2012 Lastminute Comedy New Act of the Year Finalist)

Phil Pagett (“One of the country’s best new gag writers.” – Gary Delaney)

The whole shebang takes place at the Studio of the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington from 8pm next Tuesday. It costs just a fiver to get in if you book in advance, which is recommended. Book your tickets by calling the box office on 01926 776438 or clicking here to do it online.

If there are tickets available on the door they’ll cost £10 a pop.

If you’re in the Midlands next Tuesday, come along. If you’re not, tell someone who is. It will be enjoyable.


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