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What is/was An Event of Some Kind?

AEOSK was an amazing night of alternative comedy, sometimes alternative music, alternative drawing competitions, and alternative fun. It was organised and hosted by H Anthony Hildebrand, and took place every couple of months at The Black Heart, a groovy, alternative pub just off Camden High street in north London. Before that it had a home at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell.

Sounds great!


Who are some of the acts you’ve had on?

Well, there’s been Tim Minchin; Adam Buxton; Isy Suttie; Norman Lovett; Tom Basden; Tony Law; Wil Hodgson; Ed Aczel; Lucy Porter; Bridget Christie; Andrew O’Neill; Abandoman; Danielle Ward; Pippa Evans; Henry Paker; The Behemoth; Matthew Crosby; Richard Sandling; Thom Tuck; Helen Arney; Ben Target; and quite a few more.

Music-wise, we’ve had 6 Day Riot, Tom Milsom, Filthy Boy, Wolfpack of One; Chik Budo, Jukebox Collective, Junior Ministers, and plenty of others.

Did they have anything nice to say about their experience?

“After playing AEOSK I went to the clinic and got checked out and I have no communicable diseases.” – Andrew O’Neill

“My 3rd favourite comedy night. In the world. Bunch of nut bars.” – Tony Law

“Just the kind of experimental, warmhearted night we need in these difficult times.” – John-Luke Roberts

“This club is warm, welcoming and hilarious. Like bosoms.” – Lucy Porter

“I love doing AEOSK because the line up is always an interesting and awesome mix of different acts. And Anthony sings the Bounce song, so it’s worth a visit for that alone.” – Pippa Evans

“Always a good evening of entertainment.” – Norman Lovett

“In a bland landscape of identikit stand-up nights, AEOSK is a vital and different evening of comedy.” – Matthew Crosby

You say you organised and hosted AEOSK, but surely there were others involved as well?

Yes, that’s very true. AEOSK couldn’t have happened without the poster design and ticket collection skills of Hannah Neale; the sound and lighting technical virtuosity of Paul ‘Bernie’ Bernard; and the DJing and enthusiasm of DJ Jamie ‘Citizen Smith’ Smith.

How long did AEOSK exist for?

The first AEOSK took place in April 2009 at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell. Junior Ministers, HAH’s musical project with the amazingly talented Jim Pratt (one-time Brazil-based head honcho of his own band Babaca Manchild, now resident again in London), were fed up with crappy music promoters and their rubbish, badly programmed gigs. So they arranged a bi-monthly residency at the Cavendish which involved music, comedy, an audience drawing competition, snacks, booze, and bonhomie. This evolved into a more comedy-centric show, and Junior Ministers played their last gig at the April 2011 AEOSK.

In October 2011 AEOSK moved to The Black Heart in Camden. The last show (for now) took place in December 2012.

Enough with the history lesson, dude. When are the next shows happening?

AEOSK is temporarily (more like permanently, if we’re being honest, but you never know) on hold, I’m afraid.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me all this.

You’re very welcome.


Written by hahildebrand

February 1, 2012 at 3:03 pm

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